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About Us   

‘Reminiscence Vintage’ is the story of two friends, Mary and Sue who share a passion for vintage loveliness in all its forms. Having spent many years collecting china, cameras, suitcases, toys, puppets, radios, 78s and the like, we discovered a love, not just for the beautiful collectables, but for the effect they had on the people who saw them – immediately memories would come flooding back and we were frequently regaled with stories of a bygone time; a time when people often had less but somehow had more...

We discovered we both loved the following quote :-

“We have multiplied our possessions but reduced our values. We talk too much but love too seldom. We’ve learnt how to make a living but not a life. We’ve added years to our lives, but not life to our years………”*

When we first met we spent many a happy hour reminiscing about our childhood memories. Sue’s earliest memories are of summer holidays spent in Nether Stowey where her Auntie Elsie and Auntie Dollie had a cottage where the milk jug on the kitchen table always had a beautiful, crocheted, beaded cover on it. She grew up in a house filled with the music of Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. Mary remembers seemingly whole summer terms spent learning to embroider beautiful flowers on table cloths at her little village school and a gorgeous blue tea set that her parents kept in a china cabinet…just in case anyone came! It was so exciting to think who might come that would be important enough to get that tea set out!

And so, the seed for Reminiscence Vintage was sown. A business with a mission to reclaim everything that was so special about those days gone by and to create for you beautiful events where you and those you love can relax, savour and create your own memories for years to come.

We love what we do and we know you will too. Here’s to ‘putting the life back in our years…………’

Mary and Sue
Reminiscence Vintage

*from ‘The paradox of our time’ by Dr Bob Moorhead